Carpet & Upholstery Treatments to Remove Pet Stains

Among the many carpet treatments carried out by professional services in homes coast to coast are those to remove stains and damages caused by pet urine. Urine contains corrosive materials and pets are known to spoil carpets and upholstery in homes leading to lots of problems for their owners.

Depending on the diet of the animal, the urine can cause a great degree of damage and could also cause carpets and upholstery materials to get discolored.

Remove stains immediately

By cleaning urine stains, the color loss problems can be dealt with. But you have to contact the cleaning services right away or do it yourself with the help of treatments that are commonly used by home owners. It can get difficult to remove the yellow stains if they tend to stay on for longer periods and end up causing a permanent loss of the dye.

Carpet upholstery treatments Atlanta are common and many people in the city use them to take care of the problem caused by all types of household pets, namely cats and dogs.

The urine can cause the carpet areas to turn alkaline and you would have to resort to bleaching which could leave a white spot perpetually. Most families find the discoloration an eyesore and in humid conditions, it can get worse as the area is remoistened.

You could be left with bad odor as the urine stain as well as foul smell can spread all across the room. Carpet treatments like re-dyeing or patching up would have to be done to make it look like it was earlier. Patching up is not easy and the original look of the carpet or upholstery cannot be regained even though the mending could be excellent and done by experts.

Walk barefoot and smell hard

To take care of the problem, residents of Atlanta frequently call upon services to do the job for them. You can locate stains by walking barefooted on the carpet and it is common for male pets to urinate in a localized area while females go outdoors to relieve themselves.

Smelling is another way to locate pet stains for doing carpet treatment and you can do it with some extra lighting if possible.

There are treatment products available at pet stores to work on the stained carpet or upholstery. You can also get them at household stores that sell a lot of stuff for taking care of pets.

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